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Aeschylus Street
Grill House Psiri

In one of the oldest and most beautiful neoclassical buildings Psirri 1875, housed since 2004 at the grill “Aeschylus Street” where you can enjoy the largest selection of fresh meats with which to prepare the most tasty dishes (Doner – kebab – round chicken – pork – lamb souvlaki) and many other fantastic kreatomezedes Taboule-Fattoush salad-hummus and many delicacies.

Live music Wednesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday night,
Sunday afternoon and evening.

ψητοπωλειο Ψυρρή αισχυλου odos aiszulou psitopwleio Παραδοσιακό ψητοπωλείο-ταβέρνα στο κέντρο του Ψυρρή Ψητοπωλεία, Αθήνα - Ψυρρή Παραδοσιακή ταβέρνα στου ψυρρή ταβέρνα Οδός Αισχύλου στου Ψυρρή ψητοπωλείο "Οδός Αισχύλου" ψητοπωλειο αθηνα κεντρο ψητοπωλειο κεντρο αθηνας psitopoleio PSyrri aisxyloy odos aiszulou psitopwleio Paradosiako psitopoleio-taberna sto kentro toy PSyrri PSitopoleia, Athina - PSyrri Paradosiaki taberna stoy psyrri taberna Odos Aisxyloy stoy PSyrri psitopoleio "Odos Aisxyloy" psitopoleio athina kentro psitopoleio kentro athinas
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